Saturday, June 10, 2006

Celebration Time!

Its time to Celebrate schools out for summer!! YES! a little time now to recoup and gear up for the next school year!

On another note our local Symphony and Art League promoted a project last year for artist to alter full size cellos titled "Cellobration." The same concept of the painted cows that started I think in Chicago and then were displayed around town and since then I've seen painted Charlie Browns, Snoopys, and more cows. Never have I seen cellos which I think is a very cool concept. The cellos were junkers donated by our local music store. The cellos were displayed around town for many months and are now up for auction on ebay...unfortunately the auction is for a short run so I fear they will not raise as much money as they could nor was it publicized enough I feel. There are some awesome altered cellos I think my 3 favorites are no 47 (look very closely at the pictures and read the description), no 46 and 63....of course I have many other favorites as well!
Click the link to see them listed on ebay:


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  1. Hi Ai. Two of the cellos from last year ended up in Turlock. There is a beautiful quilted cello at the entrance of my vet's office and there is one in a realtor's window downtown. Both are so beautiful and this idea is so original. I would think this could be a successful fundraiser every year and use a different instrument each year.