Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Biting the heads off of snakes!

Forget bats! (Move over Ozzie Osbourn!) I was so ticked yesterday after dealing with bickering teenage boys and attitudes I was ready to bite the heads off of snakes and I HATE snakes, if that tells ya anything LOL Yes, you guessed it summer is in session! and changes never go well at our house, but by the end of the day things had calmed down and once our new summer routine is established it will be fine. Of course having an Attitude Jar is going to help that a lot!

For all you mother's out there I highly recommend making your very own Attitude Jar....take a jar and some scrap paper. On each piece of paper write a chore....not a big chore but something that needs to get done but is small enough to accomplish (i.e., wash baseboards, clean the silverware drawer out, vacuum the car, pull weeds, dust mini blinds etc.) You get the idea now fold those papers over and put them in the jar and when someone cops and attitude forget passing go and collecting $200 go directly to the Attitude Jar and have them pull their very own slip of paper out....I promise it will work like a charm! If you have perfect children who don't bicker with each other or cop attitudes then please disregard!

In honor of siblings here's a 8x8 chunky canvas I did using a picture of my sisters and I (I'm the cute number 3). I used Gouache watercolors to paint the background and then printed a scanned photo out on Epson's Matte heavyweight paper and painted the dresses and hair with Gouache also. You can't see the poem well in the scan but it's a favorite of mine and reads:

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and just be my friend."
~Albert Camus


  1. Hah, Aileen, I love your solution to everyday problems with the kiddies. Thanks for a very fun to read post.

  2. I like your canvas and just so you know, the kid solution also works with husbands but I call it the Honey-Do jar.

  3. Hey darlin'! I think I'll use the attitude jar on myself- so when I'm a perfect angel and not crabby to anyone, I won't have to do any housework!!! lolol

    I've added you to my blog/....care to do the same??
    hugs a bunch XXOO

  4. You are a genius!!! I am going to make my own Attitude Jar!!! My boys are 11 and 14.