Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I find inspiration all around me! I'm very inspired when I see other artist's work its like being a kid in a candy store getting to see everyone's art...not because I want to copy their work but because it seems to get my own creative juices flowing letting my muse soar.

Yesterday I found inspiration in paper I had, and created some unexpected backgrounds using left over sandwich paper that I use under my work area...its the paper that I spray my watercolors over and wipe my brushes on or stamp on to clean a stamp with ink or gesso and when its covered I toss it in a bin to save. I took those pieces of sandwich paper and crumpled them up then tore them in pieces. I then applied soft gel medium to some bookboard and laid the pieces of sandwich paper down not caring that they had wrinkles or that they overlapped. Once the board was covered and dried I pumped out some Krylon's silver leaving pen out onto some wax paper and rubbed a piece of penscore across the paint puddle then ran it across the bookboard hitting only the high points which were the wrinkles...I think it has a sort of stone look to it:

Here's some inspiration for you a virtual art show of some awesome artist from Taranaki, New Zealand, there's a little something for every body from Assemblage, paintings to basket weaving...

What will be your inspiration today?


  1. Yes, colorful and rocklike. In fact, like mica before it is polverized. Very pretty. Ai.

  2. Girl I really think you have stumbled onto a new technique!! I love the richness of it...the colors you chose look beautiful together! Can't wait to give this a try!
    Mary Jo

  3. My favorite color palette!

    How pretty.

  4. Hello Aileen
    These pieces are absolutly beautiful, hope you do someting with them, I'l lookforward to see them..