Sunday, March 03, 2013

Help Needed

Traci Bunkers, has recently been diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst on her brain which is pressing on her left eye - if it grows, it could damage her eye.

Because this is a rare brain cyst, she is currently undergoing many medical tests, doctors visits, and seeking out specialists who are familiar with this type of cyst. The only treatment for this is brain surgery, which would likely need to be repeated several times in the future.

The good news - these treatments should help alleviate her life-long battle with sleep deprivation and migranes that traditional, prescription medications have been unable to curb - and significantly improve her quality of life and overall well-being :)

Traci is an amazing, hard-working artist who has held her own for years. Of course, as an artist in Kansas, she's not living the high life but she has made quite a career sharing/teaching/writing/making her art. If you'd like to read more about Traci, her art or her battle with this condition you can check out her blog at;

I hope you will help Traci with medical bills, utilities and living expenses in this time of need - it is a great opportunity to build up your karma and help out a fellow artist, Kansan and all around great human being!
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Every little bit adds up.

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