Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Glitteratti Easter Card

A few years ago, each time I bought ink for my printer, I would get a free pack of photo paper.  I have an abundance now and every so often (I don't use it to print my pictures on) I like to pull it out and use it to make postcards.
The photo paper takes the Color Mists really well even though they're watercolors.  *Because the paper has a coating you do need to be careful that you don't touch the paper until its all the way dry.  I use the heat gun to help speed up the drying process but you have to be careful that you keep the heat gun moving so the paper doesn't bubble

Supplies Used
Glossy Photo paper
Tulip Fashion Glitters
Laminate Glue (Diamond Glaze, Crystal Lacquer, Beacon Laminate)

Heat Gun
Decorative Paper
Xyron Adhesive
Sharpie Markers
Gel Pens
Wax Paper or Teflon Mat

Step 1: Spritz the photo paper with Color Mists. Careful not to over saturate.
Step 2:  While the paper is still wet sprinkle with various colors of glitter.
Step 2: Continued
Step 3: Dry the card using a heat gun, making sure that  you keep it moving so the coating on the paper doesn't bubble up.
Step 4: pour a liberal amount of lamanent adhesive over the card.
*Once dry add one or two more layers until smooth.
Step 5:  Spread the adhesive evenly across the card and allow it to dry in a level area (I use wax paper or a teflon pad to dry it on)
Step 5:  Trim away any excess that has hardened along the edges.
glitterati7Step 6: Once dry add your message using Sharpie, Pitt or paint pens.
Step 7:  Use gel pens to add highlights.
Step 8: For this step I prefer to use my Xryon to run my card through to add an even adhesive on the back. If you don't have a Xyron machine you can use two way sticky sheets (a dry adhesive works better then wet adhesive).
Step 9:  Add decorative paper onto the back of your postcard and leave a space for the mailing address, return address and stamps.  *I mailed my postcard as is without putting it into an envelop and it arrived no problem.
I wish the pictures could truly show you just how sparkly they truly are!


  1. I love these colorful postcards! Everything really is better with glitter. I couldn't agree more!

  2. I always love your tutorials. Great project, well explained.

  3. Its not tutorial, its creativity showing by Aileen which she got from god. Awesome.. and lovely

  4. What a fabulous tutorial,thanks so much for sharing it, I have a ton of glitter maybe now I can use it.Have a great day..