Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Honesty and Human Kindness!

Honesty and Human Kindness Does Exist! 

This past weekend I was given renewed faith in human kindness.  I discovered on Friday evening that I could not find my credit card. Thinking it had fallen out of my newly cleaned wallet, because it was now roomy, into my purse I made a mental note to look for it when I got home from our evening out.  Saturday morning I looked through my  purse and wallet at least 5 times...nada!  I got on the computer and proceeded to  look up the credit card company and was just about to call them when that little voice in my head literally said WAIT go check the answering machine...I reluctantly did and discovered there was indeed  a message from my CC company telling me that a gentleman had found my card and left his name and number. Nervous and excited both I called the company and got the info he left.  I proceeded to call
him and found out that he had found my card on the ground in the drive-thru at the pharmacy and he didn't trust just turning it in and said he'd felt more comfortable handing it over himself.  I am so appreciate of the following:

A. That he found it and was an honest person.   
B. That he took the time to call and leave his information.  
C. That he chose to make sure to handle it himself.  
D.  That I listened to that voice in my head
E. That I did not have to go through the hassle of cancelling my card

This has definitely renewed my 
faith and hope in people :-) 

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