Saturday, April 07, 2012

Colorful Easter

Happy Easter 2012
My tub overflowth with flowers and color!
Hubby originally made the can birdhouses from olive oil
cans we had saved.  They looked pretty cool with their
graphics the first few years, but then as they began to fade 
and rust not so much. So hubby freshened them up with 
some spray paint and now they are waiting for me to paint 
some scenes on them like I did to this one HERE

Check out how my garden bathtub has 
progressed over the years!


  1. The bathtub looks totally fabulous. I remember when you first posted a picture of it years ago and I was so impressed with the concept of using a bathtub as a planter.

  2. You have the cpplest looking yard ever!

  3. That's supposed to be The Coolest yard