Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Outdoor Facelifts

Its been all about face lifts around the yard lately. 
Hubby made the birdhouse above from a tin can, 
some galvanized flashing, and a tree branch for the 
stake.  Its always been a bit boring to me painted 
white, so after repainting the flowers in my 
bathtub garden, I decided to repaint it too.

Here it is with it's new facelift!
You know the really cool thing about it is that
the blue paint I used in the background is just some 
cheap glow-in-the-dark paint I picked up for .50 a 
bottle. Once I painted it I sealed it with my
PYM II ,and then ran leisurely strolled into the 
darkest room in my house (the bathroom) and 
tested it's glowiness out! I am happy to report that 
it really does glow and looks like a latern, too cool!!

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