Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Skittle Infused Vodka

I had a fun day yesterday getting together with 
a good friend. It was nice to do something 
colorful and somewhat creative. I can't thank her 
enough! We made Skittle Infused Vodka!

Here are our skittles all sorted out by colors.  
We opted not to use the purple skittles because 
neither of us liked the taste of the purple flavor
nor did we like the color LOL besides we needed
one of the jars for something else tasty we made 
(stay tuned for that)

Here the skittles are in the pint size 
Mason jars (120 skittles) we used.

Aren't they pretty all lined up! Now you just shake,
shake, shake. By the next morning my candies were
all melted and ready to be filtered.

 Click the freebie recipe card below to download 
and print for the complete directions.

The Skittle infused vodka would be perfect for 
cocktails  for an Easter get together 
Here I made a new drink I call SkittleDew 
I first rimmed the glass with colored candy sugar 
then added my I mixed 
1 part lime/green  skittle infused vodka 
with 3 parts Mountain Dew

And garnished it off with jelly beans on a toothpick.

Here's some other ideas for rimming 
the glasses for an Easter feel:

Use green colored coconut (click HERE to see 
how I did this) to resemble Easter grass.
Use small Peeps marshmallows for garnish
Small colored sprinkles  

This would make a great gift idea as well.  Download 
and print the recipe card and attach it to one of the 
jars you've made and give it as a hostess, neighbor, 
Christmas or birthday gift!



  1. Wow, never heard of this, but isn't it a little sweet? Looks great though.

    1. it actually wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be. It did say if you didn't want it as sweet to add more vodka after or use diet soda. It was just fun to see all the colors :-)

  2. Congratulations, I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. I can't wait to try this drink. You have some really wonderful tutorials.

    Go to my blog post and claim your banner and pass the award to 15 of your favorite bloggers:

  3. Whoa, that sounds and looks sweet! I wonder how many calories are in one drink. You could use diet soda I guess. I love the weird colors. They make me think of Mardi Gras and Halloween. lol.