Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bootiful Halloween Magnets

Here's a fun and easy project to make and give as a party favor or for a hostess gift. A couple of projects ago I showed how to make a faux hand blown glass ornament (HERE) and in one of the steps I showed how I drained the excess 3D Crystal Lacquer I used into blank bottle caps.  Once the bottle caps were dry I put them away and saved them for a later project.  You know the old saying waste not want not....I mean after all 3D Crystal Lacquer doesn't grow on trees *wink*
Step 1: Gather your supplies--
For my 1" images I used some marked down Halloween stickers I had picked up after Halloween last year that I had stashed away. 
Step 2:  apply a small amount of 3D Crystal Lacquer to the base of each bottle cap and add your 1" images or stickers to the center of the bottle cap, and  allow to dry.
Step 3: Once the images are adhered and dried inside your bottle caps fill each cap up with clear 3D Crystal Lacquer (use a toothpick or pin to pop any air bubbles you might have).  Set your bottle caps aside in a level, draft and dust free area.
Step 4: Once your bottle caps are dry turn them over and  adhere your magnet to the bottom side of the cap using more 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Tin: Click HERE to see my previous project showing how I decorated another Halloween tin.  I first applied yellow and brown 3D Crystal Lacquer to the frontside of the clear window and allowed it to dry, level. Then on the front of the clear window I used rub-ons, and to give  the tree some dimension I used black 3D Crystal Lacquer over the rub-on tree.  Once the tree was dry I applied an even layer of clear 3D Crystal Lacquer over the entire clear window and rub-ons.  I also added  fun gem particles to the wet lacquer at the base of the tree and haunted house to give it some bling.
Here are the finished  Halloween magnets attached inside my tin by their magnets.

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