Sunday, May 15, 2011

A fun Excursion!

Had an interesting day today going to San Francisco to my beautiful niece Samantha's graduation party.  She graduated from Hasting's Law school in San Francisco.  I'm so proud of her she has accomplished a lot all pretty much on her own all while dealing with some health issues.
San Francisco is huge city! I've been going there since I was little kid and I have yet to see all of this awesome city.   I drove up with another niece and her GF and they took me to a great dog friendly beach for all you dog lovers!. It's right at the end of Sloat Blvd and Great Hwy.  When I go to SF I don't think of going to the beach, so this was a nice change. 
We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine until it got too chilly and then they took me just up the street to Sigmund Stern Grove.  What a hidden treasure this park is!  Surrounded by the city is this beautiful grove of redwoods, fir and eucalyptus trees! As you enter the park and drive down into it you feel like your in the mountains and not at all in the city! Apparently there are many hiking paths for you to walk and a dog park somewhere, though we didn't see it.  At the base of the park is a natural amphitheater.  Apparently it's one of Northern California's favorite concert sites (who knew) and I can definitely see why, it's just gorgeous!  I hope to go back another time.

If you find yourself in SF and are looking for something not quite on the beaten path, I definitely recommend these two places!

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