Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bird For Sale

Here's my newest Bird ATB.  I had started this one awhile ago and had the background done on the front and back, and there it sat and sat because I just wasn't sure what else I wanted to do.  Typically if I don't push it something will come to me I just have to have patience which is not always easy LOL  The base is a broken handle hubby brought home to me awhile back and I kept finding myself setting the partially finished block on it and loved how it looked.  After painting the Cupcake ATB I really found I loved adding my hand paints on the blocks, thus the bird, tree and flowers I added. To finish it off the entire block was sealed with the PYM II's new formula which I love!
Here's a couple of more close ups 
that you can click on to enlarge
This Bird ATB is actually FOR SALE if 
your interested please email me at:

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