Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Things I learned doing an Eagle Scout Project!

I had the pleasure and pain of spending 12+ hours at the park yesterday with my son helping him with his Eagle Scout project without the help of my hubby and our other son.  Scrapping layers upon layers of paint,grim and graffiti off of 7 tables at Enslen Park then applying a graffiti barrier.  Here are a few things I've learned...
  • I never want to scrap paint off of tables again!
  • that 7 tables is 4 too many!
  • that the City doesn't clean the tables before painting and will paint over dirt, crud and unidentifiable objects!
  • That there is no easy way of scrapping paint and one must have a variety of tools in their arsenal!
  • that there will always be people that won't appreciate what you are doing....City workers AND the local natives and will actually get down right hostile!
  • that there are Some people that DO appreciate the efforts of a small group of people and take the time to tell you :-)
  • That when it says environmentally safe/green it means it ain't gonna work! Go for the good ole fashion caustic stuff!
  • that when we thought we'd never finish to have faith and persevere!
  • That cheap pizza gives you indigestion!
  • that I never have to do another Boy Scout Eagle Project again, but I'm very proud of both my sons!















  1. WOW!! I am so sad that Modesto residents do not take pride in the parks in this town. Is there any "Safe" parks in Modesto anymore? If I run through the names in my head, I say, nope, not that one, etc. Ya notice how families never take their kids to play at the parks any more? That's why places like Home Depot and Lowes sell a ton of "home" play equipment. Thanx for making the tables at Enslen a better place to sit and ponder why Modesto is the way it is. Thanx Morgan and Crew and everyone involved.

  2. I will never look at a park table the same way again!
    I salute you, YOU eagle scout mom you!
    Thanks for making the community better.

  3. Sharon, I was amazed at what I learned at this is a very WELL used park...all in one day there were t-ball games going on, men playing horseshoes in the horseshoe pit, old farts playing some game similar to Bocchi ball with a area designated for that, birthday parties, picnics and people doing drugs and someone torching the bathroom! Someone feeding the homeless (which is quite prevalent at this park), and lastly all the druggies with babies in strollers hanging around waiting for their dealer to show up at the house across the street. It was definitely an eye opening experience to say the least LOL I'd like to believe that out of 70 parks in Modesto at least one of them is safe...but not sure which!

  4. It boggles my mind that people wouldn't be totally appreciative of this project. By the way, I bet the Bocchi Ball like thing was Lawn Bowling (my dad used to lawn bowl at a park after he retired). You and your family acquired a lot of good karma with this.