Monday, August 02, 2010

Erosion Bundle Collabrative Diva Project

  Awhile back I posted about participating in the Erosion Bundle Project started  by Kris Henderson.  We all took our bundles down around April 15th with the premise that we were to create something from our bundles.  Several of us then went on to collaborate on the Eroded Diva piece shown above.  Kris started the project with a cardboard box and used bits from her own Erosion Bundle and then sent it off to the next artist who then added more pieces from their bundles. Below are the additions I added to the Eroded Diva Collaboration piece:

 I added the frame over 
the image in the box

 I Used my Color Mists on the back 
of the piece to give the bingo card and 
library index card an aged look.

 I added an Anaglypta Wallpaper 
medallion that I aged to the top of the box 
(Click HERE for my Faux patina technique)

 I added the Vintage tag and a brass label 
holder lightly patinaed from my erosion bundle.

 I added wooden feet to the bottom of the box.

 Along with the frame I added a 
metal disc to act as a peep hole.

 Metal Peep hole up close aged 
with Color Mists.

You can see the completed Eroded Diva 

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. Wow!! Great job Aileen!! The dog ate my bundle :(

  2. You all did such a great job on this!

  3. I love your contributions - especially the peep hole. It looks terrific!

  4. So cool!! I found your blog because one of our members featured you - I love your work!