Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Banner & Witness Protection

  Summer Banners
group shot

 Yesterday I got together with my art peep friends and we each made a summer banner. 

 Here's a picture of us aren't we adorable!  The names of have been changed to protect the innocent (its been rumored that some of us may be in the Witness Protection Program, but you didn't hear it from me!).

 Here mine is hanging up :-)

Click HERE to view past banners.

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  1. Thanks for posting your banner and your Art Peeps. I enjoyed it. Everyone looks happy and like they are having a very good time...

    Cath Warner

  2. Had a great time yesterday. Witness Protection plan going well. I'm living somewhere off the coast of Australia and having some fun now.

    Your friend, Lucille

    PS It looks like I'm caressing your cheek, so tell your family you are not so darn predictable after all....

  3. Play days with art friends are one of the joys of life.