Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't be Afraid of Color!

  Okay, I have a little rant here....why is everyone so afraid of color?  I look around at all the new houses built and they all look the same...boring vanilla and street looks like the next.  Where have people's individuality gone to?  What's wrong with color I ask!?...Yes, this is coming from the lady that had her house painted bright yellow with purple trim!

Thanks to my friend who sent this article about someone painting their house green and purple and the neighbors complaining. I was excited  to find a kindred spirit! :-)

Hey what can I say I think it looks good! what if it's bright at least it looks nice and it was an improvment.  Our neighbors too were shocked at the color we painted our house and thought, hoped and prayed it was just the primer...they were not thrilled when they realized that it was THE color! You know what we've had more positive responses (we were even left a card on our porch thanking us for our sunshine house) then the few color haters and we too are the neighborhood landmark for directions LOL  Thank goodness our neighborhood doesn't have regulations!

The moral of my rant is don't be afraid of color, go forth and spread a little color in your world!  Step out from your comfort zone and use colors you normally wouldn't find yourself using in your art, in your decorating, and even in the clothes you wear :-)

Click HERE to see more pictures of our funky farmhouse

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  1. I love this rant...probably because I agree with you. Peops need to get over it..I mean..this green and purple house looks fantastic! Sheesh! If they don't like it, they don't need to look!

    And by the way...I love you yellow and purple house!

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  3. Aileen, this reminds me of the big deal some neighbors felt in the early 60s when my mom painted our front door flamingo pink.

  4. Life is too short to be afraid of color. I LOVE your house! But I'm always singing the praises of yellow (a much maligned color!) I enjoyed your "rant!"

  5. Yeah Aileen...just recently the walls of my kitchien and living room changed to a sunny yellow-orange... now the sun always shines no matter how grey the sky may be... our house is a yellow brick house - always my dream and now paint needed here ;)