Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Day Banner Project

Mother's Day Banner
Make it a banner day for mom by making this
funtastic paper banner for her!

Canvasette  Background Technique
This is a very simple yet versatile background technique that can be used for creating backgrounds for cards, scrapbook pages, ATCs, Pages, and Journaling pages.  First let me explain for those of you who might not be familiar with canvas or canvasette paper (Paper Canvas is a heavy paper with the surface texture of canvas its very durable and has the feel of canvas and wet strength to it).

Supplies Used
Canvasette Paper
Acrylic paint (a great way to use up your craft paints)
1-2" Brush
Foam Roller or Foam Stamps (your preference)
Old Toothbrush
Newspaper (to cover your work area)

Step 1.  Dry brush your main base color leaving white areas.  Allow to dry part way.
Step 2.  Add your next color filling in some of the white areas you left previously. Again allow to dry part way.
Part 3.  Add color #3 dry brushing a cross hatch pattern here and there.
Part 4.  Here I've used a sponge roller that came sectioned out to add stripes...I've rolled it in different directions to help distribute more of the careful not to over mix the colors though.
Step 5.  Next I stamped randomly using a foam stamp a green color.
Step 6.  I stamped using  white & a flower stamp and then yellow and a triangle foam stamp.
Step 7.  Using an old toothbrush and some dark pink that's been watered down flick sprinkles onto your paper...careful you don't overload the brush.
Here's two finished
Once completely dry I've cut the paper up to use for a project.  Notice how different each piece looks cut.
Here's the backside of the paper I dry brushed with the left over dark pink...once dry I then used the stripping roller to roll some bright green stripes.

Once your background is dry I spray PYM II on it to protect and keep it from fading.  I then cut into rectangles or triangle shapes to the size you want (mine is cut to a 4x6 size) embellish it and add ribbon to tie them together.  Its a great way to use up your embellishments you have from other projects.
Artistic Inspirations to
help you create!


  1. OH! I like these. Love the colors. The background is really cute.

  2. Very cool project. And, again, you generously share instructions.

  3. Love this banner! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks for explaining EXACTLY ow to paint the background. I would never attempt anything like this otherwise.

    I think I'll give it a go!

  5. GREAT tutorial! I love seeing what you do with new products and this is really intriguing!

  6. Nice work "It's Pronounce A-Leen."

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