Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gothic Arch Challenge

This week's Gothic Arch theme is Rainbow inspired...we were suppose to choose 2 colors from the rainbow, but I couldn't resist using more then two....well truth be told I was naughty and didn't read the challenge all the way through :::sheepish grin::: I just bought some fun paper clips and thumb tacks from Staples to use in my art. I was thrilled to find a use so quickly for them!

I took a picture of both the paper clips and push pins to show you. Staples has a fun selection of office supplies that can be used in your art so check it out the next time you go there.

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  1. Aileen...you could find art materials hiding in the Queen's hat....the clips and thumbtacs...make adorable embellishments to this gothic arch.

  2. I love the little peacock girl! What a delightful use of office supplies.


  3. Lovely card Aileen but naughty you using too many colours lol

    Thanks for playing Love Cynthia x

  4. I ADORE your arch! What an imagination!

  5. trying to pick the two colors I Like best! LOL
    very colorful indeed!

  6. Hot dog...neat arch! I really like the whole composition and beautiful colors! Lynn F.