Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eye Candy!

Here's a few pieces I created on Sunday my one day I try to make a point of creating guilt free! It doesn't always work out that way for one reason or another but this weekend it did.
Journal page depicting how painful my tongue felt after loosing part of a filling and a pointing piece kept rubbing against my tongue!
Still working at drawing faces and people. I combined this with a digital layer.

This one is my favorite. I named them The Deedles....don't ask me why but that's the name that came to me after I drew them LOL I combined it with some digital magic to finish it off.

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  1. Aileen, your Sunday was well spent! These are all great fun and wonderful to behold.


  2. ouch...shows your pain,
    I have heard that taking some candle wax and sticking it to one's tooth helps until you can get to the dentist.
    the eyes on the girl are unique...half her face looks like she is a teenager and the other half like a grown woman...very cool affect. But....Disney is going to be calling you for your art work you did with the Deedles...! I love that piece!

  3. Oh I am so happy that you are still drawing! I think Jean should wrote the story, you should illustrate it ... and you will both be famous! Love it!!

  4. fabulous art!!! i almost forgot to come back from reading about the fairy..to check out your latest artwork...i love your deedles..what cute and fun characters...and the name suits them! and owie...the tongue sounds so so sore..and Jean is right..wax on the tooth will help protect the tongue..when Art puts on braces, the patient goes home with a care kit that includeds a sticky wax to put on the brackets while the mouth toughens up and gets used to the new stuff!

    hope your tooth is fixed by now..i know how irritating that is!!
    love all of your new artwork..and now of course i am wondering how to justify a trip to staples...oh wait..i need ink and paper...ha ha!

  5. Girl, you are on to something here. Your journaling is awesome! I love "the Deedles" and even your tongue!

  6. Aileen- your Deedles are adorable!
    And I can't wait to run up and read about the Fairies! (I've got my job review today- so I'm gonna save it for when I get out- I'll need cheering I'm sure!

    (And it reminds me of how those little girls tricked even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with their fairies all those years ago!)

  7. Aileen....LOVE your art!! So very creative and beautifully done!! Awesome and inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!