Monday, January 05, 2009

My Art Challenge Answer...

I am so thrilled, amazed and inspired by all the comments people have posted in answer to my art challenge question & blog giveaway! Honestly, each and every post has been very insightful and inspiring for me, thank you, thank you to ALL who have posted!! I wish I could send each one of you a prize for taking the time to post! Please know though that your comments, I am positive, are inspiring for others as well! If you have a moment take the time to read through the comments HERE.

So in answer to my own question the ART challenge I want to accomplish in 2009 is to stick to keeping an art journal. Ideally I'd love to do a page a day, but realistically if I at least do a page every other day or two then I will be satisfied. Being realistic in your expectations of yourself is an important factor to sticking with your challenge, so keep that in mind. If your challenges seem too huge and unrealistic try breaking them down into smaller goals and tackle them little by least for me this works, otherwise I get overwhelmed by the larger picture and give up completely.
I have several sketch books where I draw ideas and designs, but keeping an art journal will be different then that for me. In my art journal I will be journaling feelings and thoughts as well as ideas. I've never been comfortable in keeping a diary/journal its always felt too evasive....this blog is as close as I've come to that, so this will be a good challenge for me pushing me outside of my comfort zone just enough.

So with that said I have posted my second art journal page. It's a preliminary sample of what I plan to paint on my front door this spring after hubby gets the door fixed and prepped for me. Its taken me a couple years since we first painted our brightly colored funky farmhouse for me to decide on how I wanted to paint the door. Once I'm done painting I will roll on a layer of PYM II to seal it from the sunlight just like I did with my mailbox which has not faded after almost 2 years. I cannot say enough about how awesome PYM II is! I have solely used this product on my art for almost 2 years now and swear by it! I also cannot say enough about how wonderfully nice, and helpful the creators Doug and Donna Shepherd are to work with!
Art Journal Page
Front Door Sample
I started by sketching the design with a black micron pen and then used a travel set of watercolors and watercolor pencils to fill in. Once that was dry I went back over it with Shiva paintstiks (the squares are representation's of the windows that are in my front door just in case your wondering...what the heck those are! lol).

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  1. I love your door! Someday, I hope to come jnocking on it.


  2. How wonderful and daring this will be! PERFECT for you!