Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year & Blog Giveaway!

Happy Belated New Years
Blog Readers!

I know I've been slacking a bit on the posts...I have a dunderhead confession to make! I got tangled hog-tied and lassoed by my laptop cord and it slipped off the ottoman and kerplunked to the floor (HORRORS!). I quickly tried to resuscitate it (stat get me the jumper cables), but it was obvious it needed a transplant when it started making dreadful noises and wouldn't let me back in windows (what the heck!). Sadly its in ICU getting a new hard drive and I am begrudgingly lovingly using the office computer where it is cold, ugly and slogs along at a turtle's pace, so if my posts and emails are less frequent this is why.

But on to a happier note...

I have a blog giveaway...for up to 4 lucky participants! I will randomly select 4 numbers from the number generator of 4 lucky people who leave a post answering the following question:
"What art/creative challenge (doesn't necessarily
have to be art related) are you hoping
to tackle in 2009?"
Now I'm not talking about loosing weight or a resolution but something you've wished or hoped you could try your hand at....
I'm going to give this a couple of weeks before I pick names so don't forget to leave me your email in your comment or I can't contact you, and I'll move on to another number.
What do the winners issue of an Altered Arts may or may not be this particular issue, but I'll email the winners with their selections. I have some extras I'd like to get rid of.
If your interested in ordering a magazine you can click HERE to do just that :-)

Happy Creating!

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  1. My New Year’s resolution is to create and keep an art journal of my life for 2009. My journal will be given the title “Journey’s End.” I'm not referring to the end of my life but to the end of the struggles geting to where I am now. I wnat to give up worrying about things I have no control off and start enjoying the 'Now' of each day.
    Gayle (

  2. Well, I don't do resolutions but, my most creative challenge I see coming up this year will be setting up my new studio space. I lost my larger space and will be moving into a smaller one making it extremely challenging to figure out what things I need to keep, what to give away, and what things can be stored with easy access. Not an easy challenge. That is in my very near future and I will begin going through boxes next week!

  3. i would love to relearn making godseyes they where so pretty and so much fun minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net

  4. This is a first for me, but I'm actually tackling quilting this year.

  5. My creative goal this year isn't very much fun but needed. I want to make my stockroom and upstairs office prettier - more inviting. I even plan to make decorative labels for all those stackable drawer things that are plastic. Hate plastics in my Victorian house but need the organization/bin space.--- BTW, love the PJ pix and I also have that same Caledonia packing label hanging in my kitchen!

  6. I really want to try my hand at collage. I will get to it this year. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. My challenges for myself in the new year are many! Artistically, I need to re-engage. I have taken a break for several months and am needing to get back into my creative side-it just makes life so much more balanced. I also need to start to get engaged in home remodeling-first to redo the very tiny bathroom in a very small nearly 100 year old home.
    Happy new year-and I hope it is a creative one for you!
    chris p

  8. I'm going to create an altered book based on my great-grandparents, with a theme of roses. My great-grandfather was an amateur photographer and I will use his pictures. Later in life he grew roses as a hobby. I'm taking a hardbound address book which already has roses in it and altering it. It's been in my mind for some time and it's gotta get done in 2009!
    Lorna -

  9. I made a mind map of my creative goals for 2009-one of them is to make my own zine!

  10. My goal is to learn how to use resin imy designs. I would love to do fused glass but the kiln not only scares me but is a bit pricey for right now.

  11. My resolution is to work heavily on promoting other artists through my blog:

  12. I hope to engage and tame my long arm quilter...It has been set up for a while, but it sits there mocking me...I have so many other new things to try...but I need to go back also to the tried and true! anne (

  13. My main challenge is to organize my art stuff ad try a few new techniques. In other words, to step outside the box for me!
    Christina D

  14. Since I recently learned that there are many more pictures of my grandmother than just the 2 I knew of, also her birth certificate, her boarding pass for the ship she came to America, and her application for American citizenship I want to creat a very special book with these things. I have been salivating over the idea for several days now since I learned of these items, and can hardly wait to get them in my hands and play with them!
    Thanks for the give away! And or such a great blog, I check it often!

  15. Art Journal. I want to focus on doing an art journal regularly this year. I would love to do it every day but my job keeps me really busy. But I am going to journal my way through finding my path again.


  16. I hope to add more painting to my artwork this year and also organize my new studio where I now actually have room for all my art stuff AND my quilting stuff! I have a longarm machine plus a huge stash not only of fabric but all sorts of art supplies - my lifetime collection! Now they will be accessible and I can use them more. 2009 is gonna rock!
    Jan in MO.

  17. My one wish is to get do more Altered Art.....I didn't have Nancy Curry's book so I missed working on the NGS Book, so it's on my list to purchase.
    Alaska's a little behind on have enough Art supplies....Thankgoodness for the internet! LOL

    Thank Aileen for offering this wonderful looking Magazine, I've never had the chance to see this magazine at all

    Shell in Chilly Alaska, it's -27 degrees

  18. I've had in my head to do a couple of altered books, one with classic movie actors and a smaller one with all concerts I attended. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Hi Aileen, sorry about your computer. You are lucky you weren't included in the mishap requiring new parts.

    The art project I would like to tackle this year is an encaustic art piece. I have used encaustic wax on cards to create art but never attempted it on wood. This fall I went to an open house for artists in our area, each one opening their studios for tours. One of the ladies did stunning pieces to hang on the wall using encaustic wax with a few embedded embellishments. They were luscious to look at. We encouraged her to do workshops but she had never attempted to share her talents via classes. I believe I can attempt this on my own for my 2009 goal.

    Carolyn S

  20. Hi Aileen. Sorry to hear about your computer, but, at least you had a big, ole ugly backup. I'm hoping to get over my two year slump and just do anything. I've made lots of quilts but nothing creative.

  21. Aileen, I would LOVE to try using beeswax! I would also like to challenge myself to use up my stuff, or make kits to send to others, and to offer things on MY blog! Peggy

  22. My goal this year is to start selling my handmade stuff on Etsy. The shop is up and has one item just to keep the name from being taken but now I need to start adding goodies to sell.


  23. Hello,
    That is an easy one for me, firstly I intend to learn the elementary steps in Chinese Brush Painting and I will be learning to do Encaustics, using anything I have on hand be it beeswax, or crayons. With this one I think I can incorporate a few mixed media items as well.

  24. I have never made an atc before. I am used to painting on larger canvasses, so my challenge for this year is to create an atc that represents one painting (what I was trying to express while painting).

  25. Aileen! I'm having my annual giveaway over on my blog. It could be your chance to win another doodle. Come over and sign up. I'd be honored if you did.

  26. My DH has just finished making an area within the garage with sink and water, worktop and cuboard space so my plan is to make time to escape out there to play!!
    nikie x

  27. So sorry you are having laptop issues. My resolution is to participate more in my online groups. Lurking is a thing of the past for me. Please put my name in the hat. eiggam44atyahoodotcom

  28. Aileen,
    Thanks for having this giveaway.
    I am determined to keep my art space neater and organized this year. I have already started re-organizing so here's to me keeping it up.

  29. I have many smaller goals, that all boil down to having self- discipline. I could say "MORE self-discipline", but mine has been lacking so much of late it is best I begin by being realistic lol.

    I gave away all materials that do not fit along my goals, so far it has kept me from 4

    Diane (aka Herbie)

  30. Thanks for the giveaway...I need to resolve and organize my space so i use what I have and quit buying the things i can't find or already have! I also am resolved to do 120 pages of technicque embelishments...25 winter skinnies..tiny altered book in decorated larger than 3x3...and also to brave it up and try encaustics since i have the iron waxes and tools..I just need to find the right glossy substrate!!! Any help on that would be appreciated! Would love to win a copy of altered arts! Would really fit into all my resolutions and plans! Hugs,Ina P>S>Happy creating! Enjoy your blog blurbs!

  31. I joined a group, everyday matters that you are supposed to sketch everyday. I love collage but would like to keep up my sketching as well. Ihope to sketch something everyday. (There is a list of things to do)
    Happy New Year. I hope I win.

  32. I'm going to put together a blog, and that means I need to create the art to add to that blog. Hope your laptop comes back better than new; I'd be lost without mine!

  33. I want to get started with some larger projects. I like making greeting cards to send out but I need something more challenging. I am getting my books and computer files organized so I can try one new method every week or so and then start putting them together in some kind of mixed media format.

  34. I am trying to take a picture every day - 365 photographs to show what my year is like. So far so good. I will post them once a week on my blog and in a flickr album.

  35. Hey Aileen!
    My goal for '09 is to dive more into different techniques. I do a lot of drawing with my journal and a simple fine line pen, but this year, I want to spread out more into painting, collage, transfers, etc...
    Take it easy and Happy New Year!

  36. I've started an art journal and
    plan to do a page a day and also
    want to do some mosaic for my yard.

    Jan in AZ

  37. Thanks Aileen for the giveaway,
    my art challegne for 2009 is to go a little further out of the box. Make some mixed media canvases, stretch the art muscles a little more. My other challegne for this year is to submit my work for publications so I need to get organised with deadlines.

    Andrea by the Sea
    Merimbula, Australia

  38. As Im new to the altered art craft, my resolution is to spread my wings and learn more of the skills related to this fantastic art form, Kirrily, Port Pirie, Australia

  39. I am learning more about photography, hoping to take some classes etc.

  40. I am so hoping to actually complete my 365 photo a day journal for 2009. I am off to a good start but I didn't do any photos today yet.

  41. My resolution for this year is to become more involved in my art groups in regards to swaps, etc. Also, I am looking to venture outside of my self imposed comfort zone!! More canvas, collage, mixed media and other things I have yet to discover...assemblage intrigues me too!!! Hopefully, the time fairy will be kind to me and poop me out some extra hours in the day!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin

  42. 1. Organize all my materials.

    2. Organize my work room.

    3. Organize all my materials in my work room.

    4. Make stuff.

    5. Start over at 1.


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  44. For one, I need to get more art room more organized, actually my entire house needs it. I want to set some specific goals related to art that will help me focus and accomplish something concrete. I tend to be all over the place in my mind and in my actions. I've yet to establish those goals concretely. Projects I have in mind would include doing some sort of shrine to honor my Dad's memory. He passed away at Thanksgiving at the young age of 69. He had suffered with Alzheimer's. I think it will help me if I can do something artistic.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  45. Ooohh! Thanks for the chance to win such a fun prize! I've never read Altered Arts - but that doesn't mean I haven't wanted to!

    I want to complete more art in '09 - I have a baaaad habit of finishing something half way - then starting on something else. Distraction hits again and I go onto yet something else entirely. I've got to start finishing what I start. There are just too many fun things to do!

    Thanks again! And check out my own giveaway -

    queenkatherine (at) gmail [dot] com

  46. I want to de-clutter my craft space and organize it in a way that it will be functional, make sense...and, er, organized! The clutter really stops my creative thought process, so I feel I have to do this first before I can really explore & enjoy creativity.

  47. I don't do resolutions any more but i want to make my atcs look better this year. I've only been doing them for 3 months and i know i can do better! I would SO love to win this magazine. I've wanted it for a long time. Thanks for the giveaway. HUGS

  48. This year I am going to try to keep up a small weekly art journal, with prompts from a journaling group on flickr. I have been working on my canvas collages. I plan on trying to make enough to start up a collection on ETSy.

  49. I want to make some steampunk jewelry! I absolutely LOVE looking at some of the creations that are out in cyberspace - especially when combined with other mediums like polymer clay.

  50. I am primarily a doll artist but for 2009 I have big plans to do a lot of mixed media art! I love this media and Love to make something new out of something old! This will be a big adventure away from doll making for me!

    Nita Butler

  51. My biggest challenge for 2009 is to add Paypal or a shopping cart to my website as well as revamp my blog.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Cindy Gillespie

  52. Hi Aileen!
    Thank you for the Fabulous give away! I have written on my blog about Dreams, Wishes, Hopes and Aspirations for the New Year, instead of calling them Resolutions. But one of my Dreams for 2009 is to get my artwork published.

    Happy New Year and Artful Blessings,

    Just to let you know I am having a Blogiversary Celebration on my blog!

  53. My creative challenge this year is to really organize my studio space, try to get more work done around my kid's schedule, that's always a struggle and to start visual journaling. I am really intrigued by this art form and I am hoping to fill a book by the end of the year. From my lips (keyboard) to God's ears!


  54. ...thanks for adding my name to your giveaway; I've never seen an issue of the Altered Arts magazine!My plan for the new year is to donate all my scrapbooking/paper arts supplies to a needy cousin, and to jump into beading/embellishing with both feet/hands!

  55. My resolution is to play on the page of my journal -- with poetry, colors, just letting go and not judging my endeavors. I also want to actually make more of the projects I like instead of just wanting to make them. What a great idea -- to post such a resolution might make me really try to keep it!! Thanks, Aileen!

  56. That magazine looks lucsious! And I love your blog - it is hilarious! izazbz at yahoo dot com

  57. I tried writing a nice essay about what I want to accomplish in 2009. Unfortunately Google ate it up!
    So I shall try again with a much edited edition:
    To expand my artistic horizons into multi media arts and all its ramifications...
    and of course organize my studio!

  58. Hi There,

    My challenge is to create more art charms and to organize all my supplies into a much needed orderly fashion!
    ~ Jan

  59. My creative goal is to work in an art journal for myself at least once a week. I love journaling but have gotten away from doing them and want to began again!

  60. My #1 aspiration for 2009 is to put off procrastination and so my focus word for the year is "DO". Secondly, I hope to reduce/reuse/recycle my gathering hordes in an attempt to organize and de-clutter my art grotto.


  61. i want to take all of those 3-dimensional stuffs that i have been gathering for years and work on assemblage. i have scads of boxes just screaming to used for this purpose.

  62. My biggest resolution for this year is to use up the art supplies that I have before buying new ones this year.

  63. Hi,
    My challenge is to use my collections of 4 generations of family's images and objects in commemorative pieces. These will be primarily fabric based, but my be intergrated in to garments, boxes, jewellery, books etc. I'm love to win a copy of your magazine to inspire me further.

    Suella in chilly England

  64. I also want to become consistent in working in my art journal - I have all the supplies I need plus the inspiration plus the time - I just want to sit down and DO it!

  65. Just more of it! My crafting items have been in storage for about a year. I had to get rid of alot of my paint. Everything is now out and (semi-organized) in my *new* craft room! I am so excited!! I really want to do more altered books, and really work with paint this year. I sure hope I win!! ;)