Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party Glasses!

Yep, that's what I think of my new glasses....Party Glasses, Whoohoo!! Since I first started wearing glasses in my 20's I had always wanted a fun, colorful pair of glasses, but never found ones that looked good on me, were the right shape, or color until now! And to think my hubby is the one that picked them out, big kudos to him :-)
Aren't they fun!?

One thing that's always a bit disturbing for me when I get new glasses is the realization of just how non symmetrical I am....Maybe its just me that has one ear higher then the other and a crooked nose, what the heck!?

Seriously though this was a good reminder for me not to aim for perfection when I'm drawing faces because nobody is truly symmetrical and that's what makes us all unique, as well as the characters I draw.

Here I am giving you my studious look....trust me the other pictures I tried taking of myself looked like I was on drugs because I kept closing my eyes with the flash LOL

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  1. Those ARE snazzy! I was cutting out tiny little cute things last night & it hit me I prob need glasses. Hope I can find some as cool as those!

  2. love the glasses! makes me tired of my plain boring ones!

  3. I love those glasses. I wore glasses for 50 years but they definitely didn't look like that. After cataract surgery I only have to wear cheap reading glasses. They are cuter than anything I had for 50 years and I have then all over the house.
    I figured Hudson's picture was bettwer than mine. He's so cute.

  4. I love the new glasses and the photo of you is very nice.


  5. Great glasses, girl! You look great - it's funny to know you are almost *exactly* like I had pictured you!

    And I have one ear higher than the other...so you aren't alone. ;)