Monday, November 17, 2008

Digi Art and Autumn

Good Morning! What a glorious fall weekend! Our weather was just right! I'm trying to enjoy every bit of it before it's gone and the cold sets in. Our fall has finally started turning here and some of the trees are just gorgeously full of color!

I created a couple of Digi pieces yesterday using PSP.

Wildly Warhol
This is a piece I've been working on and off for awhile and finally finished it yesterday.
Autumn Glory
I took this picture yesterday and created this digital card.


  1. Your digi art is always delightful. And, it's good you have fall at last. The snow we got Sunday and Monday has pretty much pushed the last of the leaves off the trees here.


  2. Just had to say that I love your "wildly warhol" piece!