Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun with Fruit!

I had a bit of fun with this piece inspired by some
wonderful strawberries I bought recently!
I started out by adhering torn pages from an old book to a canvas using fluid matte medium. I then mixed a bit of transparent acrylic glaze with blue gouache paint (yes you can mix the two of them no problem). Once I created the background I went back in with more gouache paints and created the horizon and then added the delectable realistic strawberries images...yum they look good enough to eat!!

Golden's Fluid Matte Medium

Transparent Glaze

Gouache Paints

Realistic Fruit Images

Strawberry Fields


  1. AWESOME!!! this is sort of a "fruit gothic" are getting so good with your painting skills...they look like real berries....and are making me hungry.
    great job with mixing all those different mediums.

  2. Delicious (and fun) strawberries. And, I love the idea of a mannequin muse (I may try to enter) and love the revised hand and think your postcard is great.

    Joanne, who is home and trying to stay awake and catch up on blogs.