Monday, July 07, 2008

Bringing a smile to someone's face one postcard at a time!

My youngest son Morgan left for Boy Scout camp yesterday and I forgot then quickly remembered I needed to send him a postcard! I grabbed whatever was closest at hand carefully selected what I needed: watercolor paper, Color Mists, paint brush, Black Micron pen, gel pens, gold leafing pen and a multi glitter pen. With no idea in mind I just began drawing and a bird was born! I decided instead of spraying with the Color Mists I'd use a brush just like regular watercolor paints and painted the background then went back and embellished more with the gel and leafing pens. Whew~ I made it just in the nick of time before the mailman showed up! It's no master piece, but I know that it will bring a smile to my son's face! Isn't that the beauty of art? it has the ability to invoke all types of emotions :-)


  1. You are so sweet! You should do more pen and ink on watercolour or colour mist backgrounds - your lettering and detail work is stunning!

  2. I know Morgan will really appreciate this cute postcard! Love the shoes on the happy bird!

  3. Aileen, I think this is fabulous! So spontaneous and fun!

  4. Very cute. I bet your son will love it!