Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art Muse Contest!

I'm feeling inspired, so I've decided to host an

Artist Muse Contest!

Grab your wooden artist manikins off your shelf and get your groove on with them and create your own art muse!

Don't have an artist manikin? you can order one at the link below

(OTM has them for a crazy cheap price so order more

then one while your at it):

(Meet Aletta my Art Muse)

Here's the details:

Create your own Art Muse,

You MUST use a wooden artist manikin (pictured below)

Post a link to your finished art muse image in the comments section on this blog. MAKE SURE you leave your email address (I can't contact you, if you don't leave your email address when you post your comment).

2 entries per person (contestant can only win once though)

Deadline Extended To: Oct, 31, 2008

After Sept 1st I will post a poll for everyone to vote on each entry. The first 2 dolls with the most votes will win the following:


  1. What a great way to dive into making art dolls if you've never done it before! Thanks, Aileen :-)

  2. Well, here's a link to my altered wooden mannequin who is all about me!

  3. What a fun contest! I may try to make a muse of my own.

  4. This will be fun! Glad you are allowing some time for my muse to show up!

  5. My Art Muse is complete. You can see her on my blog here:
    Thank you Aileen for motivating me to do this. I had a great deal of fun and have never before made a doll.

  6. Unlike Angie's, this art muse is in NO WAY like me ... she is much too sweet! I am not really sure where she came from. You can view her here:


  7. Hey Aileen, this muse doll "the Copper Queen" is only one of my muses Kingdoms, since my grand daughters call my muse the "Queen" of link to her kingdom and her pic is...
    Linda (Okla)