Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mail-Art For a Friend

Here's a mail-art tin I made for a friend. I intend to send it as is in the mail and as always pray that it gets there in good shape...but hey that's part of the fun of sending mail-art right? So far I've had good luck in the past and I've sent some pretty odd things through the mail as is....I like to believe that it gives a bit of joy to the mail people and perhaps that they even take a little bit of special care even....don't burst my bubble I like my fantasy LOL
If you want to know more of how
I made it click on the link below to find out:


  1. It's lovely. Your friend is lucky.


  2. Oh, I just love this! And look there's my little girl! I love the colors you used - everything about it.


  3. Aileen - this is gorgeous! Hope they take good care of her! Marva

  4. Amazing! It's awesome. I'll try to be surprised when it comes in the mail to me. :) ROFL

  5. I LOVE the mail art tin - such a sweet image. You did a beautiful job! Your friend will certainly be thrilled to receive this!
    And your gothic arch is adorable - love the pinks and greens and the embellishments!
    Congrats again on being on the popular Blogarithm list!

  6. Wonderful! What a treat it would be to find that in your mailbox! Let us know if it actually makes it there.

    "Altered My Muse"

    "Every Doll Needs a Home"

  7. oh, how special the friend is going to feel when she sees this. I know it will be the talk of the mail room too. Lovely art and lovely image.

  8. REALLY pretty! What a lucky friend lol - that's good mail to get for sure!

  9. So do you send the tin with the address label on the outside without any packaging! Kewl! I'm participating in a swap over at if you want to take a look at the season inspired tins we're making over there. I think there is still a slide show on the left. I like your tin and I know you're friend (and the mail personnel that handle it along the way) will be very impressed. Cheers, Trish G.