Thursday, February 07, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Talk about making my day! Karen Owen did just that by nominating me for the You Make My Day Award! Thank you Karen I am honored to be included in your list! I was feeling pretty under the weather today thanks to hubby sharing his cold with me and Karen's award definitely made my day! Here's the scoop on the award:
The rules for give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about blog land. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

Now without further ado I nominate the following bloggers:::taps microphone:::thump thump thump:::: testing 1 2 3.....

Ahem :::clears throat::: I would like to thank my friends and family...oh wait wrong speech! Okay goes I know I was suppose to pick 10 but I've shortened it to 7.

I'm sending this right back at:
1. Karen Owen (Karen's Muse and Musings)because her blog never ceases to inspire me with her wonderful creations not only that her blog gives me a serene feeling whenever I visit it! Karen does nature like nobody's business (get your mind outta the gutter I wasn't meaning THAT!) a visit to her blog always makes my day! Check it out if you haven't already!
2. Dawn Meehan (Because I said So!) - This is not your typical arty blog! Although, I would count Dawns wonderfully comedic posts definitely art! I first found Dawn's blog by way of eBay--someone had sent me a link to her hilarious auction she posted for some Pokemon cards from there I found her blog and have been reading it ever since! She makes my laugh and at times has been known to make me cry (sometimes from laughing so hard). I must admit she also makes me glad that my three boys are almost grown LOL I can't imagine having 6 kids! Dawn does and she does it without Alice (from the Brady Bunch) and with a whole lot of humor, style and reality! Stay tuned for her book coming out this fall.
3. Rick Green (Organized Doodles)-Rick is an extremely talented and nice blogger! He illustrated my blog banner. Ever since I discovered his blog via Dawn's blog (don't you love how one blog leads to another) I've been reading his blog. His illustrations and the bit of humor he puts into each is wonderful and really makes my day!
4. Kris Henderson (Brain Bubbles)- Its a repeat nomination but its the truth, a visit to Kris' blog always makes my day! I love to see what new picture she posts to share!
5. Christy Grant (Artchickadee)- a visit to Christy's blog is always a breath of fresh air for me. Perhaps its because I know Christy but her blog not only leaves me feeling good but inspired, not just to do art but also to be a better person.
6. Michelle Ward (GPP Street Team)-Michelle's blog not only inspires me but it challenges me to think, take action or/or participate and somedays I need that push to do something I might not have otherwise.
7. Cyndi Lavin (LayerUponLayers)- Cyndi has the most interesting read and resources on her blog/website. It really makes my day to read the artist profiles she shares with the world! I come away feeling both awed and inspired!

Many thanks to each of you
for helping bring a bright
spot in my day!!


  1. Oh gwarish! My very first blog award thingy. Thanks Aileent - prounced "A-Leen" - you are very kind.

  2. Aileen, I've got a cold too...a result of going away for a long weekend with a very lively group of teens! This nomination made my day for sure. Thank you :-)

  3. Thank you very much, A-Leen! :) That's so nice. What a challenge. Now I need to nominate others...

  4. Golly, gee! Thank you for this!!!
    I'm so pleased to be recognized with this award. I am always happy to know that my contributions to bloggers are appreciated. It is a great way to share a bit of myself with others. My photos inspire me very much...mostly they inspire me to share because in each photo is a piece of myself...sometimes a finger or a piece of hair. NO not really that!
    Had you goin huh?...oh and also being recognized this way as I feel loved. Yes, loved because after all
    we all need love. Spread the love. We all need to love each other more.
    Thank you again for this honor, you have no idea how much this has touched me. When my parents... >>music begins to play<<<
    read my lips THANK YOU!

  5. Aileen - I can't think what took them so long!! Thanks for sharing some wonderful images too - I've used one of them for an altered tag and she's so beautiful! :D

  6. Aileen, thanks for sending it back! I can't wait to check out your nominees to see the wonderful blogs I've missing. Oh, and missy, all this time I thought YOU drew your banner! (I thought it because I know how talented you are.)


  7. Aileen, I'm late in coming back here to thank you for this award. It's very much appreciated. So glad you have come to play on the team - nice to learn you have found it so motivating. *high five!*