Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wanted Art Muse!

Hey what do you know as I was cleaning up my work area today in between a million other things I had to do I snuck a little art time in!

The first piece I started the other day just goofing around...I've been wondering where my muse has gone--I think she went on an extended vacation with the lack of time I've had for her, so maybe this will let her know I want her back...think so?

Here'a little pocket fairy I put together with the help of some fun goodies that came in the mail from my friend Kathy McElroy

Pocket Fairy


  1. She can't be far. Spring was sure in the air today - maybe your muse will come floating in on a robin's wing.

  2. What an a-MUSE-ing sign! I also love your delightful fairy; you are so good at fairies and mermaids.


  3. Hi Aileen. Your new website designed looks terrific and very professional. I redesigned my blog last night. I started out changing the photo and the whole THING changed. Must have been something in the air. LOL Annie

  4. When you discover where your muse is hiding, please let me know. Perhaps mine is hiding there with her, for she is surely nowhere to be found! LOL Really a fun, cool art piece.