Monday, October 08, 2007

Herm & Ethel wish you a Happy Halloween!

Herm & Ethel are home for Halloween! The spent a little too much time on the beach!

They both wish you a Happy Halloween!

More Fairy Adoptions on the horizon, these Displaced Fairies are on their way to their new homes!

Mermaid Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen of the Beach
This little fairy is one doggone cute fairy! I wonder who she grew up to be?
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  1. Herm and Ethel look like they've had more than just a little too much sun. Happy halloween to you and to them. Will they be passing out the candy?

  2. Herm and Ethel are very kind to have sent greetings. They look great there on the porch. The displaced fairies are wonderful (as always); you have to know the mermaid fairy is my favorite.

  3. i love herm and ethel they looks like halloween fans

  4. Herm and Ethel? I thought it was Aileen and Lynn! Um, is it my imagination or do they have only one leg apiece? It's rough being a skeleton!

    I LOVE your beach/ocean themed fairy boxes. The mermaid fairy one has some of my favorite colors. I like how you put shells on the inside of the doors, too! Very cool!

  5. so these skeletons are pretty tricky being all friendly they have a split personality that reveals itself on halloween? thanks for sharing with the street team aileen.

  6. Herm and Ethel are one partying couple! The new fairies are so sweet. So is that beach fairy you?


  7. Herm and Ethel are so cute in their beach attire and greeting everyone for Halloween....
    Love all of your fairy boxes, I think so far the mermaid one is my do such great work on all of those..

  8. Herm and Ethel are a riot -- life of the part I'll bet -- hee hee
    Wonderful fairies too!

  9. herm & ethel ... cool beach couple, what a hoot! great sense of humor

  10. OMG!!! Herm and Ethel are AWESOME!!! LOVE THEM!!! Cute fairies too!

  11. Gee, poor Ethel's legs have gone astray! They're tons of fun, Aileen. And all decorated up for Dia de los Muertos, too... such a handsome couple. Everytime I see photos of your porch, I'm envious. I've always wanted a house with a huge porch where I could sit and visit with friends. Maybe someday!

  12. Herm & Ethel are a scream...I hope when it's my time, I'm on the beach too, lol!

  13. What fun to be had with skeletons! Herm & Ethel seem like they would be the life of the party (he he). Your faires are fantastic too!

    A crusade newbie,