Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gouache Painting

I finished up a couple more gouache painted pieces. For the base I used masonite panels that I have to say, I'm quite addicted to using them, because they don't warp and are a hard surface to work on unlike Canvas boards which tend to warp. To me the masonite seems more versatile, not only can I get them wet, I can drill or screw things into them to add heavier items as well. I'm really loving the 5"x9" panel size. I've decided to start carrying both the panel size and the pre gessoed 8"x10" masonite boards which incidentally work great with the Color Mists! I love the smooth white surface to start from. If your interested in trying these check with your local art supply or you can get them from my online store Outside The Margins HERE.

On both of the following panels I gave them a quick coat of white gesso and then painted the backgrounds using gouache watercolors. I mix a lot with white to get the different highlights and hues. Once the backgrounds were finished I sealed them with PYMII and then added the images I painted with the gouache paint and sealed lightly with PYMII. Since I'm still trying to use up things I have I cut the bird from some scrapbook paper and used some stickers for the wings and crown on the second piece. Once I adhered the images with gel medium I go back and outline with a black water soluble oil pastel and work it in using my finger and remove any excess with a baby wipe to add shadow and give depth to the images.

Here's the before picture I used and then the after picture which I painted with the gouache paints and again adding further detailing with pens, I then sealed it with PYMII and adhered it to the masonite panel:

...Again the before picture, and after picture once it's been cut out:

I like to go in after and add detail and highlights with a black Micron pen and Pastel Sailor Pens.

Here it is completed:


Again in my need to try and use up some of the supplies I have lying around on my work space I made this copper triptych shrine. I aged the copper using Color Mists then zapping it dry with the heat gun. I then cut out the shape, embossed it with a ball point pen and then sealed it with PYMII . I also used up more of some bird stickers I probably will never be able to use up in my life time and some decorative paper and a tag board alphabet initial.

Happy Creating!


  1. J'aime beaucoup !! et merci pour la technique pour vieillir le cuivre avec les color mists.

  2. Aileen - these are awesome! Always a treat to visit your blog! I've been wondering how to get music on my blog! I'll have to give it a shot. :) I think we're about the same age. Marva

  3. I had wondered about these masonite boards...I just saw them in an art catalog yesterday. Your pieces turned out just great.

  4. Wow. Aileen! You've been creating up a storm. The goauche (I'm sure I mis-spelled that) pieces are beautiful: good colors and great rich colors. And, the shrine is really cool.

  5. Beautiful - inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aileen, wow! I love these gouaches you're doing, and the metal shrine is fabulous. I love copper.


  7. Aileen, Aileen, Aileen....... do the compliments ever get boring? LOL!! You do such fabulous work.... always inspirational and FUN to look at! :) Love the colors of the painting AND the shrine is delicioso!! :)
    How do you finish your masonite boards? I have several that my dad cut for me and I'm sort of at a loss on how to "frame" or finsh or hang?? Suggestions??
    Your artful stalker.........
    Susan Chong
    The Artful Mama

  8. Hello again! I'm enjoying your blog tonight! Your art is very uplifting with a certain magical quality about it!

    It was a surprise to see that we are on a similar "wavelength." I just loved seeing the before and after pics of your little girls! I was JUST thinking about that ~ thank you for sharing all of your beautiful creations and for inspiring me today!

    - vicki xo