Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creative Girl
This started out to be a piece for a monthly lottery with faces as the theme...I can't lay claim to the face it was a found object that fell off a brush I have....of course I couldn't just throw the face away it was too cool looking, so I set it aside to wait for that inspirational moment when I would find a use for it (otherwise known as the AH HA! moment ). That moment came when I looked down and saw it peeking out from underneath something and I looked over at my work area and there was an image without a head! It was a marriage made in heaven er maybe that's Aileen's laboratory Mahahahaha!
I used a masonite panel and painted it with a quick coat of gesso and then sprayed color mists over the gesso once it was dry. I then sealed it with some PYMII and then painted the hair with some acrylics and then adhered the head and the body and I then painted the arms.


  1. It's so cool to see things come together in such a fun way. I have a flamingo from a hairbrush, but it's still waiting to be used. I hope I come up with something as cool as this.

  2. Aileen, I love what you did with your "found" face! She cracks me up. I think she looks like a female and blond Groucho Marx! LOL


  3. What a great use of a found object! I love all the color! No wonder you can't give her up! LOL

  4. Wow! I have a really cool Queen face that fell off of a mirror. I have been dying to do something with it. Thanks for the inspiration!