Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charmed again!

I've been making some charms for a charm swap with my local Art Peeps. The first set I made from more of the plastic cheapy paint brushes ( http://aileensmusings.blogspot.com/2007/04/ive-been-working-on-more-charms-for.html ) remember I bought a big container of them so I need to use them up since they really aren't good for painting. This time I pulled the handles out and then hammered them flat, then used the 2-hole screw punch to add a hole so I could set a mini brass eyelet in it. I hung them on fishing lure thingymabobs (sorry I can't remember what they're called but they're found in the sporting section of the store) along with a brass tag...I still need to use my metal stamps on them to add an inital.

The next set are made from Domino beads, red glass beads and a sterling silver antique bead.

I was nicely tagged by Carol in England since I've already been tagged before I've posted the link to my random answers for those that haven't read them or want to be bored: http://aileensmusings.blogspot.com/2007/05/ive-been-tagged.html


even more interesting is Carol's blog and random facts she's lead a very interesting life and has a lovely blog and is a beautiful lady, so check it out:



  1. Thank you Aileen for posting a link to your previous tag!!! You're a good sport!! Milked goats? Now that's interesting!!!! Can't sleep late?? Don't I wish that was MY problem!!!! And I have the numbers dyslexia too!!!! And my husband is writing another math textbook and bounces everything off on me!!! What a waste of his time, I have no clue!!! You know what I mean!!!! Hugs, Carol

  2. I love your charms Aileen. Very creative. Thanks for the inspiration to do some mail art!

  3. your charms are, of course, charming. You must be accumulating the coolest charm collection. Love what you're doing with the paintbrushes. I enjoyed looking at your friend Carol's blog.

  4. I like those charms! Amazing the difference in the brushes. I like them smashed :)

  5. I love your charms, girlfriend! I'll take one of each! ROFL Hey did you ever get a little package from me?

  6. Aileen, your charms are wonderful. I love the name of this post since it comes from one of my favorite TV shows, Charmed.


  7. I know, I know! "fishing lure thingymabobs" = SNAP SWIVELS!
    The first thingymabob you tie to the line, then snap on the the spinners & last the hook. Don't forget to spit on the worm and you'll have trout in no time.

    Wonder if hubby will have a fit when he finds all of his have disappeared? :)