Monday, June 11, 2007

Slide Show & Book Review



Here's a few pictures of my hot wheel assemblages from my Michael de Meng's class. What a fun class, I loved Michael as a teacher and highly recommend taking a workshop from him. Although there are many aspects of his class I already knew I still learned new things and it pushed me outside my usual comfort zone and I created pieces that aren't typical for me. Even though I love working with rust and grung, I did find I had a harder time with Michael's darker palette. Michael recommends using liquid nails to adhere objects but its not my preference I find that Liquid Nails takes way too long to set up and then when heated it gets goopy again. I have much better success and prefer the following adhesives because they do set up quickly are waterproof and I don't have to wait long: Bond 527 Adhesive, Quick Grip or Quick Hold Contact Adhesive, I can usually find at least one of these adhesives.
Here are a few more pictures of other people's pieces from the class:

Here are a few that I like to call the "Float Cars" because they remind me of colorfully decorated parade floats

Check out my sister's blog to see her Finished Cars:

Book Review

There's seems to be a lot of mixed feelings regarding Michael's new book, I personally love it, but then I didn't have any preconceived expectations regarding it. Although Michael does explain how he does some of his art it is not a "how to" book. I found it refreshing, humorous, witty and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and understanding more how Michael approaches his art.
Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art.
Publisher: North Light Books (May 30, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 158180928X
ISBN-13: 978-1581809282


  1. I can imagine the darker colors were a challenge for you. You certainly met that challenge and your creative flair has shown through once again. These are wild and wonderful!


  2. Wonderful cars. Loved how you showed how you started and how you ended up. Isn't it way cool how they change with some paint? He is a great instructor. No, I didn't like the book that much. Your stuff still ROCKS! Off to add you to my list of blogs to keep track of. Belinda

  3. Oh wow dear your pieces are fabulous (knew they would be!!!)and thanks for sharing the process and all wonderful fun art work and hope to some day take a class with him as well have heard nothing but good things!!! Hugs Linda

  4. Ai! What fascinating little creations. Just when you think there can't be anything new . . . well, the imagination is limitless, isn't it?

  5. j'ai ce livre et il est fantastique !! quelle chance vous avez d'avoir pu suivre un cours avec M. Demeng !!! j'ai hâte de voir comment vous allez réutiliser ses connaissances dans votre art...

  6. These are FANTASTIC! Thank you for the slide show with the before and after. Got my goodies by the way and TY. Where did you get the hand and Plastic bones? Do you sell them? LMK so I can make another order. LOL.

  7. These are so cool! What fun! BTW, I LOVE his new book. I think I'm going to keep it on my coffee table -- it's beautiful and funny. Aileen, I alway love coming to your blog.


  8. Aileen, the pictures of the cars are a delight. Your cars still reflect your sense of fun and artistic adventure, even if the palette is darker. It must have been the most wonderful class. I just got the book and haven't really had time to go through it, but I love what I got a chance to look at so far; the comments are very entertaining.

  9. Hey girl!

    What great little cars! And sure got a lot of them made! You can start your own raceway now!

    I love Michael's new book. I found some of his techniques really interesting, and the book is just beautiful. I love the way that the pages are sewn in, and not glued, so that the book lays open nicely. I will admit, though, that one DOES have to actually read it and not just look at the pretty pictures.

  10. Loved the slide show illustrating the process of the car creations and really loved the final pieces of art! Awesome!

  11. Loved your slideshow. Your creations are beyond finding the right words. Way to cool. I also have Michaels book. Love it and highly recommend it. Thanks for the entertainment.

  12. oh wow. i looked at the picture with multi cars, and picked out my favorite - of course it was yours! I love love love the skeleton one - what are the wings made of? copper?
    ...and the slide show is very shiek. (sheek?)

  13. cI finally mde it out to see your cars ... and wow ... they look so amazing! I totally love txqeoohhe look of these!