Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Fairy Box and Milestones

I finished up the second Altered Fairy box from the box of chipboard letters I bought (see previous post for before pictures and the basic process I used).

I have a friend who referrers to moments in life with our kids as "firsts" and "lasts" and last night for me was one of those "lasts moments" my youngest son graduated from 8th grade the last of my 3 sons to graduate junior high and who now is officially a high schooler, where has the time gone! In the grand scheme of things an 8th grade graduation doesn't seem that monumental to an adult, but for those 8th graders it is a big deal and its a last for them as they say goodbye to friendships they've had since kindergarten as they move on to different high schools. Its the closing of one door and the opening of another and the beginning of new adventures. Here's a couple of pictures of Morgan proudly wearing all his awards and medals he worked hard for and then another of him right before the big dance:


  1. Aileen, your mommy-heart must be beating with both joy and sadness. It's the end of an era. Morgan, by the way, looks very handsome. Both of you deserve to be proud. Also, tha fairy box is wonderful, it's a delightful home for a delightful fairy.

  2. Oh Aleeeen, I so understand the heart string tugs!
    And your box is really awesome!!!
    Please bring them to share for Art Clique.

  3. This is just fabulous, Aileen! I've missed your fairy boxes ... this is enchanting!

  4. your fairy boxes are adorable - they have such terrific detail!
    ..and morgan is so handsome!...they grow so fast(sigh)

  5. Aileen, cette boite est fantastique !! est ce que vous feriez un échange ? J'adore vraiment !!

  6. Beautiful, once again, Aileen! Joy is the perfect heading for it. Your blog is always a source of inspiration for me. Your work has so much color and lightness of being. When my muse is low, I always bring her to your place. It hasn't failed yet. :)

    Congratulations to handsome Morgan! I'm sure he'll do very well in high school. My youngest has been out of school for some years now but I remember the feeling. :))


  7. Morgan! I'm so proud of him and misty-eyed for you all at the same time, Aileen. What a moment. *whew*

    I love, love, love your joy box! It's wonderful. These are fantastic that you're doing!

  8. Aileen, these boxes are fantastic. Morgan is so cute! I understand the mixed feelings. Children grow up so fast.

    Hugs, Karen

  9. Your baby is darling! My son wore a black shirt with a white tie for his middleschool dance, too!
    Those boxes, rock Aileen!!

  10. Aileen,

    I really like your fairy box. Very creative and great colors.

  11. Your fairy boxes are SO cute! Who would have thought to use the box??!! You are so clever, girl!

    Your son is adorable!