Friday, April 27, 2007

When your Muse Comes to Visit!

I found a kewl song on Sonific and fell in love with it! It's Called Empathy Song By The Mosaic Project, the album is titled: Children's Songs for Peace and a Better World (I did have it playing on my blog but found it to freeze up and load the page too slowly on some people's computers, so I've removed it but check it out at the link above).
I should have been working, but my muse came to visit and held me hostage until I finished the art pin below. Often times creativity and inspiration show up when we least expect it and I've learned to go with it. You can't always plan and schedule your art time, so allow yourself some freedom! I guarantee your work will still be there waiting for you ;-)She was made from the following items: cheapy Plastic paint brushes, a square of metal screen of some sort that's about 16-18 gauge (more treasures hubby brought home to me) and mini brass 3/32" size eyelets. The head was made previously from PMC (Precious Metal Clay).
(Click picture to enlarge)
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  1. Aileen- I LOVE your pin and you whole blog! I will definitely have to visit regularly. You rock!


  2. I saw your post about this on the Yahoo ATC Group, and thought, hummmmmmm she is on the home page too, so I came to have a look. This is really wonderful Aileen. Then I saw you pink sig pic and realized I've seen your comments around on other peeps blogs. So anyway, HI, and nice work on this piece.

    aka Maryellen on the group.

  3. Aileen, the paint brush pin is absolutely wonderful. And, I heard the song loud and clear. And, loaded up at the usual rate.

  4. I LOVE this pin! You are so clever!

  5. Aileen- your brush doll is wonderful!! The little top knot is a very neat touch!!
    you've done it again!!!
    Elizabeth W.

  6. Aileen,
    Love your paintbrush doll - very clever! I heard the song too and it loaded fine.