Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ingenuity at it's finest!

There is no loss for creativity in my household...after blowing the grass clippings and dirt from the cement my son Spencer's ingenuity kicked in to high gear and he hooked the leaf blower to one of their old Tonka trucks and ran with it as it sped down the street! What's even funnier is how quickly they can go from being so grown up to letting the kid come out to play!
In less then 24 hours he went from GQ debonair looking to what you see LOL check out his prom pictures:


  1. That's SPENCER???? Good grief, Ai. He morphed!

  2. I love it! Hey, you have to spend more of your life as a grown-up so it's nice to see he has some of that left. Joe would be envious, then he'd want Spencer to come here and play with him. ROFL