Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bird's Eye View

Here's another piece I made from sitting down at my messy work area and using whatever happened to be at hand...I wasn't intentionally doing this but as I sat there I noticed the alcohol ink backgrounds sitting off to one side in a pile and then the girl image and a bird nest label sticker were sitting on another pile and it all just fell together. After the last couple of days I've had plus trying to get 30 4x4 bird pages finished up I was in major need of some "no plan art time" which is always good therapy!

As I mentioned I used the alcohol ink backgrounds I made previously and then stamped with a crackle stamp (the crackle stamp is from Stampa Rose which is no longer around but I believe that Above The Mark also has a crackle stamp) some gold Krylon leafing pen pumped out on some
acetate (When I say pumped out I press the tip down until I get about a dime size puddle of paint), next I used chalk ink around the edges of all the backgrounds. I then used some star punchinella (thanks Angela!) and more gold Krylon leafing on the blue background. I layered the bird nest label onto the blue background (you really can't tell now ) and then slit the nest and perched the girl image into the nest like she was sitting in it and then added a hat from a scrap of alcohol ink background. I then added more stamping and chalk inks by this time you couldn't tell she was sitting in the nest unless you knew...I happened to have a couple of small faux nests I had picked awhile back and I cut about 1/4 off of one of the nests and adhered it with some crystal lacquer then cut up some of the nest left and glued it inside to fill it up more. Next I cut the corners off using corner scissors and added the pieces cut to the outside corners. Next I added jewelry tags stamped with eggs then layered onto metal tag brads. I cut two 1/8" holes at the bottom and wove some faux twig vines through the holes. I sealed the piece using PYMII.
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  1. Aileen, I'm glad I checked your blog because I really wanted to see this after I saw other people's comments on how beautiful it is. I love it. Great humor, great imagery. I couldn't read the entire instructions because your dancing alcolhol ink backgrounds are in the middle of it (this may be my Mac causint the problem).
    Anyway, I love this piece.

  2. Beautiful piece Aileen. A lot is being done with nests these days but you've come up with an original. I especially like the 3D of the work.

    Darla (e-mail on my blog)

  3. Lovely lovely work Aileen. Love the way she's sitting in the nest, the background/composition everything about it. Cheers Natalie Briney

  4. Great piece. The background just makes that piece and the "real" part of the nest is a perfect embellishment addition. Your art work is very inspiring and love the ideas.


  5. FYI
    The past tense of weave is "wove" not weaved. I'm a weaver so it reached out and grabbed me by the throat. Sorry if my comment seems picky to the non-weavers in the crowd.
    The chick in the nest is cute.

  6. Wonderful piece Aileen. Very original idea. This is a "Best of Show"!

  7. this really turned out awesome! We all should do this type of art more often!

  8. Your work is awesome! I love the way the colours all blend but are still clear and have their own irridescense. I like using alcohol inks a lot but my work never turns out like this! Thanks so much for sharing. May I link you?


  9. Aileen, I reallllly like this piece a lot. The 3D reallllly catches the eye.
    Question: Did you also make the easel? I'm looking for easels currently and not happy with what I find.....

  10. Wow kiddo! As always, you've outdone yourself. I love looking around your blog and seeing all the eye candy you have! It's always an interesting stop in my day - thank you for sharing all you create!

  11. This is just adorable. I love it!

  12. This is just gorgeous, Aileen! Love your Celestial Dreams slide mailer too!

  13. Just gorgeous!! And so YOU!
    I love visiting your blog.

  14. Wow Aileen! Gorgeous pice! I love the composition and the colors!

  15. What a beautiful piece! Do you have a tutorial for this, I'd like to know more about using the Krylon leafing pens, the effect is so beautifl!