Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I had a chance to play for a bit today and created a piece using Color Mists, glossy photo paper, the new color box chalk inks and some mega size Punchinella (which is plastic ribbon that is left over after sequins are punched out, often referred to as "sequin waste.") sent by a friend (thanks Fran!).

First I sprayed Lemon Head on the paper until thoroughly coated then misted with the following colors: Bordeaux Blush, 22 Karat Gold and Margarita Magenta and let it thoroughly coat the paper then tipped and tilted it allowing it to run and drip. Then I dried it with the heat gun allowing the
Color Mists to bubble a bit (from the metallic gold). Once it was dry I laid down the punchinella and misted again with the Color Mists then I picked up the punchinella and dried it again with the heat gun. After I stamped the bug image using the chalk inks and then used the punchinella as a stencil with the chalk inks then added the inked letters and finished it with a coat of PYMII which I love because its not only non toxic, it dries quickly and leaves the same texture as it started with.

Vintage Soda Pop
Bottle Caps are Baaaack!
I just love vintage bottle caps they have such great colors not like the ones today. I have a mixture of both plastic lined and cork lined that are great to make unique jewelry and use as embellishments or just collect and play with them like I like to do LOL! If your wanting pairs you need to email me and let me know otherwise they come randomly selected.


  1. Aileen, I love that you post such good directions for your beautiful projects. Who would have thought I would find a bug so delightful?

  2. You DO post really good directions! I love the page. It looks different and interesting on more than one level.

    Of course, what really caught my eye in today's post is the Mountain Dew cap! I'm a recovering Dew-a-holic and would love to have some for charms that are truly relevant to me!

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. Love the vibrant colors of the color mists and as soon as tax time is over I am coming to shop. ;o) Beautiful work.