Sunday, October 29, 2006

No more naked house!

Well the dust has settled the painters have cleaned up, the ladders are gone, and our house is no longer naked! It was a long week with a crew of painters scraping and sanding and finally painting but the end result is a VERY bright house. I'm pretty sure from the looks on our neighbors faces it wasn't what they were expecting and I myself have had to get use to the large scale brightness but it sure does look good with a new set of clothes on LOL I even got a new door and light to go with it. If you want to see the end result first put your sunglasses on and click the link below:

Show me the light!"


  1. I love it! I'm just so sorry that I can't drive up and see it in person! Mexican art!!! Delicious! How about the inside?
    I'm envious....I have an active homeowner's here and I don't even live in a condo!

  2. Ai, the outside colors of your house are sublime and so YOU. Loved seeing the interior pictures and the kitchen again. I need to drive by and see that exterior up close and personal.