Monday, October 23, 2006

I live in a SpookyLooking House LOL

What a bustle of activity yesterday the painters descended upon our house armed with ladders and scrappers and went to town and man did they make a big dent in the scrapping. We started this summer on the worse side of the house, and I finally convinced hubby that it was just too big a job for him and the boys (I really didn't want it taking 3 years to paint!). The boys did learn to scrape paint and they will be helping paint the garage which is good they can chalk it up to more life experiences they may need to know as an adult. After yesterday's scrapping our house now looks like a Spooky Haunted House but one day it will become a beautiful BRIGHT swan painted yellow and eggplant with a lime green side door which is the door we usually use. I decided to leave the front door the beautiful wood that was beneath the paint after they stripped it.
Yes, I'm sure we will be oh so loved by the neighborhood LOL

Check out the pictures I took below...I made one in black and white and it looks like something out of a Alfred Hitchcock movie or some creepy Halloween movie LOL


  1. Ooooh....the black & white photo makes it look creepy cool! Your color selection sounds grand! I can't wait until you show it!

  2. Hey! I've been IN that house. You have a cool house. Everyone should see your kitchen.

  3. It was a good artist who painted that awesome Aileen's Musings. It's a great job for him when it comes for that skills. A very cute house with a gleeful lady cheering up of her beautiful flowers surrounded her.

  4. Ours is a one story farmhouse from about the mid 1800's. Love yours.