Monday, August 21, 2006

Judging by the emails I've received its time I got my butt back in here and updated things. I got caught by real life grabbing me by the hair with the boys getting ready for school and band camp and all of that jazz! Calgon take me away already LOL

I'm excited to share that I'll be attending Art and Soul in Oregon in October I'm very excited about this whoohooo!! Let me know if your going and what classes your taking :-)

I have been diligently working on finishing up unfinished art projects and crossing them off my list which I have to admit feels pretty darn good!

I finished up a couple more cabinet cards for a swap and then created a web page to put the few that I've done on:

This wasn't on my list but I had a strong desire to create some Halloween themed pieces. I used
one of the new wood plaques I'm carrying on OTM that come with pre drilled holes and Sheer ribbon if your interested in them click here:
I stamped, painted and glazed this plaque and then added my collage and hung it from rusty wire instead of the ribbon:

I also finished up my shoe clock for a challenge on another list and its doing double duty as an entry for the American Shoe-In Exhibit you can check out the pictures here:

I also received a great picture of my new and improved shrine I finished (thanks to Kris for taking pictures for me--Kris takes some amazing pictures check out her blog here: ):

I'm also thrilled to announce I finally have a new digital camera that takes great closes ups. After much deliberation and reading of reviews I finally bought a Olympus SP-320. My very first digital camera was an Olympus and I loved it! it was a great work horse but after one too many drops it finally died. Stay tuned for pictures soon!

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