Thursday, August 03, 2006

I thought it was about time I get back in here and write! We're still enjoying glorious cool weather upper 90's feels so cool now! I feel for the rest of the country that is now experiencing our nasty heat wave UGH!

As we were leaving our local county fair we had a visit by a beautiful large dragonfly. He kept crashing and running into cars and the ground and you could tell he was nearing the end of his life cycle so my son caught him and brought him home and he died peacefully instead of ending up as someone's hood ornament. After I scanned him and we used him as our photoshop challenge this week.

Here's the orginal:

And my challenge piece:

And lastly a bit of humor


  1. Now that is some tribute to that pretty little bit of nature. Snaps to you Ai!

  2. So very clever, Aileen! I love the many ways you used your dragonfly!

  3. I'm tired of looking at this dragonfly. What else ya got? LOL!

  4. Aileen,
    Your art is to die for! LOVE IT ALL.