Monday, May 22, 2006


I have a confession to make I'm addicted to the show BIG LOVE (yet another HBO series), as if being addicted to Sopranos once again isnt' enough! I've pondered why it is I like to watch Big Love and the only thing I can come up with is that its so far removed from my own lifestyle I find it facinating (yes I'm a voyeur at heart, I admit it!). I can't imagine living a lifestyle like that, it all seems far too complicated to me, as if being married to one person isn't hard enough LOL then to add in all the other dynamics Yikes! Just when I think I have things all figured out with the characters they surprise me and I see they really do care....catty they can be, but deep down they do seem to care or perhaps I just want to believe that...yeah I know its not real and is only a show LOL

Hubby thinks I'm nuts and wonders why I enjoy watching it...perhaps he's afraid I want to add 2 more husbands into the mix LOL ahh no thanks! I did tell him that just because I watch the show doesn't mean I want to live it sheesh I mean really! I watch Sopranos does that mean I want to secretly become a card carrying mob member? NOT LOL or how about my other addiction Grey's Anatomy do I have a secret desire to cut people open nah LOL a drink with Dr McDreamy perhaps ;-) Hey what can I say, I liked Patrick Dempsey even when he was a nerdy kid acting long before he was transformed into McDreamy so I figure I'm entitled right? ;-)

What art supplies am I addicted to? well not in any order but here's a quick list Gesso, Spray Watercolors, Fluid Chalks by Colorbox, Crystal Lacquer, Golden's Tar Gel and fluid acrylics, Modern Options Patinas are my recent favorites.

Below is a background I made using watercolor paper, intense spray watercolors, a chunky foam stamped with gesso and then I went back over and colored it with fluid chalks:


  1. Hi A. Nice to see you back here again. Hope you don't stay away so long this time around. Very pretty background paper.

  2. Can you imagine having to take care of three HUSBANDS??? Yikes, talk about Big Love and Devotion!

    Thank you, NO!

    Love the show but I like the husband to have lots of wives, not the wife to have lots of husbands.

    For what that's worth...
    whatever. [g]

    NOT , that this is a valid discussion on my part or anything.

    Just ignore this.

    However, if I wanted the mix, I would just have three boyfriends and NO husbands. Men are so totally insecure. [g]