Thursday, March 16, 2006

Order out of Chaos!

No art on the horizon for me right now because I've been busy since Sunday trying to organize the chaos I had for my art area and moving it into my new studio! I'm so excited to have an actual place for everything and to get moved out of the dining room! I'm thankful to my friend Jean for showing me how she organized her studio using pegboard and I have borrowed her idea (thank you Jean!!).

Hubby hung the pegboard up on Sunday and I have begun the slow transformation of organizing my stuff....I am convinced that art supplies are like tribbles (you know those cute furry creatures from Star Trek that muliplied everytime they ate!) and just keep multiplying on their own!

I have to say it sure is nice to have things out of carts and to be able to see what and where everything is and I cannot sing high enough praises to whoever invented pegboard they are a genius in my book!

See the beginnings of my Studio
Studio Transformation!


  1. WOW! I am SOOOOO Happy for you to have your own space!!!!!!!

  2. You are going to love having everything organized and think how nice it will be to have your dining room available for dining again!

    So which room/space did you use for the new digs?? Looks great.