Thursday, February 23, 2006

Confessions of a Shoeaholic!

Yes, you read right...I am a confessed shoeaholic but trying to reform!

We are in the middle of a major shuffle around at my house! hubby moved his big book case out of my office....the plan is to move my office to another part of the house and move my studio where my office is...of course this requires lots of shuffling, moving piles of crrrrap etc....well in the course of trying to get the bookcase up the stairs (it didn't fit and had to come up the roof through the door that opens onto the roof for no apparent reason other then to move furniture through) hubby found my stash of shoes ack!! I had a round table in this little alcove that had a table cloth over it...well under it I would store my shoes because it was easier then going up and down the steep stairs we have....yikes I didn' t realize how many shoes I had! When he found them I heard him tell our son that I must be related to Imelda Marcos from the Philippines Ack!!! (it didn't help that the kids started hiding their shoes under there too!) Yes, I just got rid of two bags of shoes and still have more that I'm weeding through too since I injured my back and knee I can't wear most of them anymore and now that I started wearing my Crocs that's all I wear...yes they are ugly but man are they the most comfortablist shoes I have ever owned and they have helped my back and knee greatly!

Hi my name is Aileen and I'm a shoeaholic!

Okay aside from shoe cleansing I did create an art box assemblage that I mailed with a piece of Plexiglas over it as is through the mail to a fellow Altered Art Diva....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it in one piece! This piece measures about 6"x 9".

Gosh I completely forgot about my interesting visit to the Post Office yesterday! In I walk thinking my art box will be the highlight of the PO's mail day something fun and different being mailed! Boy was I wrong! how can you out do 8 boxes of live roosters and chickens all crowing and squawking at each other as they were being weighed to be shipped to Texas! LOL what a sight to behold! what was even more funny was the looks on people's faces as they walked through the PO's door and took in the entire scene and sound effects LOL priceless!