Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A case of the cruds!

Yep I was cursed with a case of the cruds by Halloween night I was sounding like a seal coughing, I'm actually thinking its a good old fashion case of Laryngitis either that or I've swallowed a frog and a seal unbeknownst to me LOL

Of course I don't have time to be sick and it has put me behind. Since today I'm feeling a bit better, I'm trying to play catch up until I run out of steam (full bore ahead body...steer clear of the Nyquil haze up ahead!)

What art have I done....? still working on boutique items and packaging and labeling said items. Need to push on and get more done since we're setting up on Saturday and I need to be ready.

DH and I went to a costume party last Saturday night. I dressed up as a starving artist and since DH was meeting me after work he came as himself more or was a fun party but I sure found out that I just don't party like I use to I was ready for bed by 10 pm sheesh! talk about a party pooper! LOL

This is the first year in 23 years I haven't had to come up with a costume for kids! both boys stayed home on Halloween. I know I griped about pulling together costumes but I found I actually missed of those bittersweet lasts we all experience with kids. So to honor those past Halloweens here's some pictures:

Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. Loved seeing all the pix of Lynn and the boys. Flat Aileen was cute, too.

    Wish you'd share more pix.

    FLA ~