Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's raining, it's pouring...

Well actually it only rained a little bit but it feels like rain, and I sure wish it would rain! I'm in the mood for a fire in the fireplace but with the summer heat so fresh in my mind (read nightmare in my mind LOL OK so I'm not big on 100+ degree weather) it's really hard for me to think of anything hot just yet!

Have I mentioned I will be glad to have DH go back to normal hours...then maybe I'd get more accomplished before it's time to pick up kids....well hey it sounds good in theory right? ;-)

I've been working on an assemblage piece recently that a friend and I collaborated on as a gift for another friend. My friend started the piece using an oyster can and then torched it and added the fork leg and the brackets for the arms. I patinaed it using Modern Options and then added the rest. As an altered artist I'm lucky to have a DH that brings home goodies on a daily bases for me, from his work :-) Some of the items he's brought me in the past I used in this piece such as the gauge, chain, broken tape measure and my personal favorite the metal piece that reads "Manual Operation"

(Click the images to view larger versions)

I also just finished up is several sets of earrings using my Vintage Bottle Caps. Here's a scan of a Christmas themed pair using virgin bottle caps and crystal lacquer and images from my Christmas II Collage sheet:

(Click the images to view larger versions)

Back to work I go :-)

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