Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I figure I better get in here and write before I forget again besides its easier to procrastinate on the projects I need to get done for some deadlines. Hey my high schooler always tells me procrastination is his muse LOL Yep that's what I'm doing I'm procrastinating so my muse will show up! Not really er well sort of LOL I do have projects in various stages of completion just waiting on them to dry and yes I am avoiding putting together kits for a ATC Workshop for kids I'm teaching on Friday. Okay the guilt has gotten the better of me so I'm off to put those kits together and then I'll be back and reward myself with writing more...wait a sec is that a reward or not? LOL

Okay so I've put together 21 booklets for the workshop on Friday...right now I'm think "What was I thinking! agreeing to 20 kids in my class am I nuts!"

Altered Arts MagazineI had a deadline date wrong for the magazine so I'm working on my projects for that. The May/June issue just came out and my Patriotic Art Doll is in this issue.

Here's what didn't make it in: This was a book inspired by a workshop I took from Keely Barham who I happen to be taking another workshop from this weekend. We'll be creating Cloth shrines check out the Altered Asylum to see Keely's cool samples!

Well break times over back to packaging orders and working on deadlines!

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  1. "Procrastination is his muse."
    I like that and it's true for me as well.