Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I finally finished my bookwork and our taxes and they are filed Yahooo! why do I put it off every year and do this to myself! Each year I tell myself its going to be different but its not LOL good intentions and all that! Had a dental appt yesterday for a deep cleaning and ugh was it painful afterwards which I wasn't expecting...felt like someone had taken an envelope and ran it between each of my teeth to give me paper cuts! (how's that for descriptive ) Now that I have the taxes out of the way I can concentrate on getting some projects out of the way Yay! Tomorrow night is Art click at the Altered Asylum and I need to get my challenges done! Lora, Carol and I had agreed to finish 10 of our Soul Cards and I have 6 done so far. I was emailed by an artist to exchange links the other night and I think I must have found my altered soul sistah! Violette is an illustrator that does very whimsical art but even better she's altered her home which I fell in love with! She's even altered her car! it definitely goes with my altered funky farmhouse:

Time to wrap this up and get creating!

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